Mayan Weddings

    Unique ceremonies in the area where you will be in close contact with nature and the four elements where your spirits will be becoming one. The officiate is called “Chaman” and native musicians will be part of this very special ceremony.

    This special moment can be celebrated on the beach or cenote where a special altar will be set, where different elements will be present like flowers and seeds to thank our mother nature for such a special day.

    Cenote or Dzonoot in Maya that means “hole with water” where special ceremonies where celebrate for the Mayans, where water serves as a symbol of purification. This Cenotes are in the middle of the jungle where small and intimate ceremonies can be celebrated in direct contact with nature.

    Bride and groom will be presented to the 7 directions with prayers and offerings, in order for the blessing to reach the heart of the couple. In the center of the ceremony we set up an altar that will represent the Universe and the four elements this enabling us to connect with those forces, traditional songs are sung with ancestral instruments in order to secure the bride & groom’s heart’s in love where we will give an offer to the water so that this love might be expanded and carried out to the entire world.

    In Riviera Maya there some famous cenotes like Dos Ojos, Cristalino or Azul, but also there are some others where we guaranty your privacy for this special celebration where we celebrate a spiritual ceremony base on the four elements fire, wind water and earth.

    This service includes:

    • Ocean Front location
    • Mayan Ceremony with 3 Elements (Shaman + Translator + Musician)
    • Bamboo Gazebo with white
    • Tropical Flowers Bride’s Bouquet
    • Groom’s Boutonniere
    • 2 photographers during ceremony, 50 wedding pictures in HD
    • Wedding Planner Services

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