I was referred to Maria by a friend of a couple who had recently got married in Mexico. From the moment I contacted Maria there was an instant connection.

    Not only was she my wedding planner but it didn’t take me long to realize that she had also become a friend. Maria has an amazing ability to take your vision and bring it to life.

    She made it very clear from the beginning that she was always accessible to me- whether that be through WhatsApp text, voice calls or via email. I live in Toronto, Canada and I felt like she was always here with me even though we were counties away.

    There was never a moment that I reached out to Maria and didn’t hear back from her either immediately or within a few hours; she was also really good letting us know anytime that she would be away or on holidays so that I didn’t panic if for some reason I could not reach her.

    I created a Pinterest board as per her suggestion with all of my favorite things, everything I could have imagined for my dream wedding and she gave me just that and more. I gave Maria a budget right from the beginning which she respected and provided me with up dates along the way so I would never have to worry about things getting out of hand.

    Maria went out of her way to find things that I had requested, made excellent suggestions, and worked so hard with various vendors to execute my vision. She is super organized and well experienced.

    I had an idea of what to expect leading up to my wedding day but could have never imagine what I actually received. Our wedding was stunning with everything we had asked for and more! I would recommend Maria to anyone looking for a wedding planner.

    It has been almost a year since our wedding, and I still miss her till this day. I will never forget the hard work and dedication she put into our wedding day and she will always have a special place in our hearts.